Update Your Profile for More Potential Clients

You might be missing out on one of your member benefits

WSPMA members have already contributed to a public relations fund in order to benefit all members throughout Washington State. Utilizing our online Find a Physician in Washington search engine will bring many potential patients straight to your doorstep, and to participate, you must update your profile.

Add Your Information to the Directory

Find a Physician Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Find a Physician search directory?

The Find a Physician search directory is located on the WSPMA website and contains a still-growing list of WSPMA's podiatric physicians in an effort to promote our members to the public.

Who uses the search directory?

The search directory grants easy access for the public and WSPMA members to find the podiatric physicians that work in their area.

Who benefits?

For those members who opt-in to participate, the search directory acts as a simple way to solicit new patients. The public that uses the directory will benefit from an easy way to search for skilled podiatric practitioners in their area.

What does it mean to "Opt In"?

By opting in to the directory, you are giving WSPMA permission to post your contact information and certain profile details in our public search to allow the public to find your practice. You must select "Yes" in the search directory category of your profile list in order to participate in the directory. 

Why do I need to update my profile?

Driving the public to our online “Find a Physician in Washington” search was found to be the most cost-effective and practical use for the association’s public relations fund. However, before going live, we found many members have their home address listed as their primary contact address. To ensure potential patients are finding your practice and have access to the correct contact information, you must make sure that your primary contact addresses are that of your office, and not personal.

How do I add my name and information to the directory?

We're asking all members to (1) opt-in to our public search and (2) update all office contact information as it will be viewed by the public. Please verify that your city and zip code are up-to-date, and be sure to include your website if you have one. We also recommend adding a photo to make your profile appear more professional.

  1. Log in to www.wspma.org 
    1. If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset them on the login page
    2. If you are already logged in,open the WSPMA home page in a new tab so you can easily follow along with the instructions listed below
  2. Hover over the "Member Benefits" drop-down and select "Member Center"

  3. From the Member Center, select "My Profile" just beneath the banner 

  4. Navigate to the top right-hand side of your profile information and select "Edit"

  5. Verify that your primary address lists your business address, and not your home address

  6. Add your office website address if you have one

  7. Opt-in to the "Public Search" feature so that potential patients can find you (check the box, "Public Search – Yes" at the bottom of the profile information section)

  8. Upload a head-shot photo (optional) by hovering over the "My Profile" tab

  9. Remember to press “Save” once you’re finished!

  10. If you have any questions about updating your profile information, please do not hesitate to contact us