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The Washington State Podiatric Medical Association consists of hundreds of skilled podiatric physicians who are experts in many foot conditions, including those listed below. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, or one not listed, consult a podiatric physician near you today. Our find a physician search directory allows you to enter your address and find the nearest physician to you. If you're looking for a specific physician, you can also enter their first and/or last name.

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 Athletes Foot Heel Pain Chilblains  Verruca (Warts)
 Plantar Fasciitis Corns Warts  Flat Feet
 Toenail Fungus Sweaty Feet Diabetic Feet  Blister on Foot
 Foot Fungus Hallux Valgus Heel Spur Claw Toe
 Infected Toenail Ingrown Toenail Bunions  
 Gout Hammer Toe Aging Feet