WSPMA Member Benefits

Working FOR you...Working WITH you

Your membership includes access and benefits of three powerful organizations: APMA, WSPMA, and Region VII. Join now!

Why join the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)? APMA members are part of a unified professional fellowship. APMA provides each individual member the support of professional peers. As a member, you receive significant benefits:

Your membership in APMA also funds a variety of programs and efforts, including:

  • Federal advocacy and state advocacy efforts to advance podiatric medicine through legislative, legal, and regulatory advocacy;
  • Promotion of podiatric medicine through media relations, public education campaigns, and strategic advertising; and
  • The Physicians' Recovery Network (PRN), which assists impaired (whether by substance abuse, physical and/or mental conditions) podiatric physicians and/or members of the podiatric medical family so that they can be restored to a full life.

The above list does not include all benefits received through membership with APMA. Your state component society also has many membership benefits. Please contact your component society for information.

New members: learn all about the benefits of your APMA membership by reading the New Member Resource Letters.