Apply for WSPMA Membership

Your APMA (National) and WSPMA (State) memberships are tied together so you are a member of both. Applications must be downloaded from APMA and submitted to WSPMA as directed below.

Becoming a member

Complete the application online, or download additional forms:

APMA/WSPMA Application for Practitioners within the USA

APMA/WSPMA Resident Application

APMA/WSPMA 5.4 Status Application

APMA/WSPMA Non-Practicing Application

APMA/WSPMA Permanently Disabled Application

APMA/WSPMA Senior Member Application

APMA/WSPMA Life Member Applications

General APMA Membership Information

Submit application to APMA:
Please send your completed application and any requested copies of all professional degrees, diplomas, and/or certificates to the APMA Office for approval as indicated on the application form. Once your application has been reviewed for completeness and approved by WSPMA, APMA Membership Services will send an invoice for state and national dues listed below, prorated based on the month that you join. The APMA fiscal year runs from June 1st to May 31st; prorating of dues is available for membership activated after the beginning of the fiscal year.


Category National Dues State Dues Total
Active $925 $875 $1,800
A4 $695 $656.25 $1,351.25
A3 $695 $656.25 $1,351.25
A2 $325 $306.25 $631.25
A1  $325 $306.25 $631.25


Dues Categories: A1 is the first year the podiatrist started practice after his or her residency. It is not the first year they join the association. A2 is the second year, A3 the third year, A4 the 4th year. At the start of the 5th year, members are Active and pay the maximum dues. 

5.4 Status = Hardship; members may request a reduction in dues.

Renewing your membership

WSPMA membership dues are paid through APMA.

  1. In May of each year, you will receive a dues invoice for the entire fiscal year from the APMA for both state and national dues.
  2. You will pay the APMA directly, not the WSPMA, the dues for the year based based on the amounts listed above. The APMA will accept credit card payments.   
  3. If the total dues for the year are not paid by August 31, your membership will be suspended by the APMA. They will send a suspension letter and a final reminder notice out on that date. If you pay right after receiving the notice, you will be reinstated. 
  4. If a member has circumstances that limit their ability to pay dues and they want to remain a member, they should let the WSPMA office at [email protected] know before August 31. The APMA has a 5.4 status program where a portion of the dues is waived for financial difficulty, illness, etc. This can only be instituted for a current member, not after suspension.